My Genesis


In the beginning, there was nothing.
There were only dreams.
The first day, God made darkness.
It likes to fill your thoughts
And so he made light.
The second day, He made the quiet.
It demands to be heard.
But sound breaks it.
The third day, He made the wind.
Sometimes, it’s breathe is gentle;
But its strength can destroy.
Me, I have felt its power.
The fourth day, He made people
And scattered them across the Earth.
The fifth day, He made the seasons.
They silently remind you of time.
It passes faster and faster.
If you try to control it, it controls you.
It runs faster than we understand. 
The sixth day, God made families.
Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters
Who stay with you
When the wind blows too strong
And it hurts to stand
The seventh day, God made friends
Who hold your hand and laugh at your bad jokes.
The eighth day, He made imprisonment.
It makes freedom sweeter.
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