My Generation's Miseducation

I'm in a situation,

Contemplating on my generation's procrastination,

Young girls who are infatuated with cosmetic creations,

Making decorations out of their bodies,

Living in an inflation of relations,

Barely making conversations that's worth making because of reputation,

Many craving love-making when barely knowing elementary multiplications,

Confusions between mental purification and bad intentions,

Through investigations I could make a resolution claiming there might be an isolation,

The solution is for guardians to make a reservation for a renovation,

Hoping for salvation upon situations of enervation,

Take it into consideration,

Clarify misconceptions,

While media distribute destruction through publications,

Subliminal promotions aligned with the conception of distractions,

Termination of beneficial recollections and positive depictions,

Lacking a restoration for this complication,

From this generation's miseducation.



I'm very inspired by Lauryn Hill, so this poem makes me very proud that I can reach near here creativity with words.


Great job in keeping your "tion" throughout the entirety of your poem! That's definitely not an easy task to do! I love that kind of lyrical ability, however, you should be a little careful when using it because often times the reader begins to pay more attention to your writing ability and/or rhyme rather than the actual message.

Overall, this is a great poem with an even greater message. THANK YOU for sharing!

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