My Generation

Is this who we’ve been called to be?

My generation and me?

Always hearing about the economy?

Classes are tough, home seems harder,

So I say to myself I make my

Horizons broader.

But classes are tough, and work and is too,

So I say to myself,

What do we do?

Is this who we've been called to be?

My generation and me?

Caught in the loop of prices too high,

Classes too long, work too hard?


We we’re called to be more

than the generation and that can’t.

The generation that won’t,

The generation that just rants.

We we’re called to finish strong,

Even though it feels so wrong,

With prices too high

And hours too long.

We we’re called to make a change,

This economy?,

We are this economy.

We are the future.

We are the change. 


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