my future my fate


United States
37° 40' 25.4064" N, 122° 6' 2.8332" W

as the wind blows
my future is set
must follow the path
that hasn’t shown itself yet
my future is bright
because i’m in the light
but hidden below
is a secret untold

as the seasons change
my mind has no range
knowledge is power
things i’ve yet to devour
new things i’ll discover
because i’m an adventure lover

the sun will light my way
to the things i can’t say
there are dreams i must chase
challenges i’ll soon face
obstacles to defeat
so my heart can still beat

the ocean roars with pain
because i’ve gone insane
with all the things i’ve endured
to help me re-assure
that my future is great
because it’s part of my fate


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