To My Future Daughter,


You will succeed.

Take these things given,

And soar - far past any boundary set for you.

For, these boundaries were not set by you,

Nor the women before you.

Man has told you what you are capable of

When he himself does not know.

He does not know your strength,

He will never know your mind,

He could not know your determination.

He needs to be shown the power you possess -

That you will not sit back and be what he has made you to be.

Tell him the way you dress is no invitation to your body,

That his kindness does not have to be rewarded with love,

That you can maintain your career along with your family,

That you can and will do anything you put your heart and soul into.

You will not accept his hand outs.

You will work hard for everything you gain in this life.

Though he does not know it yet,

This world is yours for the taking - conquer it.



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