My Forever in a Friend


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What are friends for?

Where has my friend gone?

He was my best friend

Well that’s how I feel now

He keeps secrets;

Ashamed to face me

I keep secrets

For my trust he no longer is worthy

We used to walk

Side by side together

We were like High school kids

On the phone till four in the morning

Just randomly speaking;

The stories of our lives

But the world changes

And we eventually have to grow up

We were never a potential to each other

And his heart needs the kind of love

That I can’t give him

Friendship is not prejudice

Nor does it favor sexism

Why can’t I have a best friend that’s a guy?

Can’t he look at me

And just want to be my friend?

Why can’t we just be meant to be friends?

With seven years,

Does she think she would be in his life if we weren’t just friends?

I’m not his only female friend

Did I not know her before she even met him?

Why does the sound of my name from his lips make her cringe?

Making a scene and deserting him in broad daylight

Why does she want him to choose?

Why is she being brought up every time my birthday comes around?

How do you feel about her? How come you guys don’t get along?

Why does everybody know what’s going on except me?

Her jealously was the snake

That poisoned our love

Under the pretence of keeping it alive

“Oh no, she’s not jealous of you, she’s just jealous of our friendship”

“What is there really to be jealous of?”

So I had to walk away

Hoping he would reach out and stop me

Maybe it was my fault

I chose to step back

I was battling him

Why can’t he tell her to stop the bullshit?

While he was battling us

“Well how does your boyfriend feel about me?”

“You know he doesn’t have any problem with you;

he knows exactly where you stand in my life”

Together we became confused

He loved her

But a part of his life I had to be

Why would I let the snake win?

My heart would feel pain

If he could no longer be there in my need

Things around us would change

But we vowed to never change towards each other

Well, that’s what his Christmas card said

It all became awkward

Behind our smiles hid the pain

Even as best friends

Some things were just too hard to confront

But where do we even begin?

My heart would never allow me

To shut his room in me

I will always be there for him

And in turn him for me

This gulp is still hard to swallow

We will always love each other

Even when it hurts the most

I call it a burden

I just hope that

I’m not the only one who caries it


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very expressive in your writing
Why can’t I have a best friend that’s a guy? is a powerful line because most guys don't want just a friendship with a female-they want more
i can sense that as you wrote it, you were saying it
you were telling a story that seems vivid and graphic
always remember that if something didn't happen, it wasn't meant to be
keep writing!!!!!!!! excellent job

i see you are from ny like myself
check out my poems and tell me what you think

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