My first true love


Ball State University
United States
United States
34° 12' 37.4256" N, 118° 7' 26.2992" W

Before we met

I was just starting my first year in college,

I was still slightly getting over the death of my pet ferret, Snoopy.

I loved her so much.

The first day came and we had Japanese 101 together.

We began talking and became friends instantly.

You made me smile, laugh, and I could be happy again.

One night, after a club meeting, you asked me to dinner, offering to pay.

I instantly said no,

not wanting you to waste your money on me.

After winter break,

my feelings started to blossom.

From like to affection.

We started getting closer after a break up,

and I felt that I could feel safe in your arms, my affection soon turned into love

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