My feelings for you



I feel awful,

for the sweetness of my blood Is gone sour.

For the brightness of my smile is gone intricate

For I’ve messed up so many times.

for I’m turbulent and sincerely sorry.


For I’m your girl,

No one else’s but yours

Would you believe me again?

Would you feel me again?


Here or out there,

Where you are lost in Confucius

This place, which is far from my HEART,

But in the center of my MIND.


Hear me cry to you

Hear me telling you

Among everyone and everything,

You are the one that I chose.


My heart travels the universe in just a blink  an eye.

My body shrinks by the spice of your present.

My eyes go wide for you’re like a sapphire.

Thousands of eyes make my spot light

But you are still the one I see.


Oh! How I hate that I love you so bad

For I don’t want to SUFFER

If you drop my trust into a doubted hole.

Mmmh! What a luck you got to have me by your side.







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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well spoken

very sincere poem

great job

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