My Father and Me


Bamboo Forest

                                                                             Father and Me


From the Forest of Bamboo, the paths

Lead to a small hut built for tea.

We are offered an unknown delight

Which we call the Zen cookie.

The tea served appears

As frothy green as the moss which

Line the paths of the forest. 

Sip by sip the tea dwindles.

Arigatou we say, we have to go.


Down a rocky way

And to the right leads us to a place of peace.

Take your shoes off and

Please don’t fall asleep the signs read.

I have not the slightest idea how

One could sleep in the loudest quiet known to me

For I am left with my thoughts

Slamming into my conscious

As if they were jackhammers pounding the streets

For me it seems my peace is loud.


I leave with a new understanding

Of what Zen can be.

Sitting silent amongst the shaking leaves,

Just my Father and me.


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