My Fate From God


Is it mine to keep? I wonder and weep. Should I change my ways? I do not wish to disobey. Shackled is my heart in this decision, For the future is a blurry vision. The path I seek, is it labeled for me, Does good conquer all deeds? How I ache; I must sleep! May God guide me through the deep. Be gentle on this rough soul, Where the damages do unfold! Now I fade away into a dream, Where ground is stoned and sky is creamed. I am split by day and night. Does my heart stray or fight? The stones end and who do I meet, But God Almighty on a golden street! My mouth opens, but no words come out. Then God speaks, “I know of what this is about”! My head bows and I fall upon my knees. Will he fulfill my wondering needs? God speaks, “My child I have foretold”! I question, “My fate is not mine to mold”? My mouth agapes, but before my jaw moves again God answers, “Free will is given, but your fate depends”. The cream sky is parted by His hands and clears. His feet rise and separate the ground as all disappears. I follow a trail into the woods, To this place where before I have stood Suddenly this all makes sense Where I placed in my dream hence This way I travel, But little is unraveled, For it has been kept, By my God to set.

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