My Family Love-My Healthiest Relationship


We all get together

Ages 79, 64, 46, 42, and me 15

Creating memories

Playing cards

Having laughs

Just being together

I asked what they thought it meant 

To really love each other 

They responded with wisdom

That really inspired my own:

79: Love is treating everyone better than you treat yourself

I agree

Make it known that there is a mutual understanding between two people

64: Accept me for who I am and I will accept you for who you are

Don’t forget that we may not all be equal

But we all deserve the same respect

46: Make the ones you love happy and laughing, and make sure they know that you have their back 

We all need happiness in our lives

Without it, we aren’t real

42: No matter how upset one gets with another, if one storm away and the other ask to bring back bread, the bread should come back with the person

Getting mad at one another is just life

Make sure that the person that you are mad at still knows that you love them at the end of the day

Finally me 

15: Learn to know the other person like they are the back of your hand

If you know what makes them tick

And they know what makes you tick

Then you will have a healthy relationship

At the end of the day, love and relationships are like a bowl of soup

You can throw everything in the world in that one bowl of soup

But at the end of the day

There will always be a way to make it better than it was before. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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