My Family Down the Street

There was a family down the street
Really big and always home
Causing chaos an noise wherever they go.

First was Sale
The old and delusional man of the house
Always sitting; always resting;
Always giving bad advice.

Then there's Melinda
The sweet, dedicated wife of San
Always cooking and serving
Making stories as they went.

Next came Mira
Talkative young wife
With seven kids more or less
And a big heart to share.

Following closely to Mira, was Fred
Nervous and jumpy young fellow
Left everything to his wife Mira and only Mira
With no backbone whatsoever.

Twins: Eric and Eddy
Both brothers to Mira
Never married because they had each other
And to them that's all that mattered in the end.

The soccer star, Billy, came next
Oldest son to Mira
Ways playing and always running
Though a quiet boy when sitting.

A light brown haired genius
Second oldest daughter of Mira
Mandy's her name, English is near game
Always with her nose in a book.

Sophia! The little princess
Always wearing pink
Third oldest but always the cutest
Never home for more than an hour.

Spencer, the fourth oldest
A punk rocker with the fake name Spud
Turns up his stereo all the way
And hardly cares for all his neighbors but one.

After came Dylan, a polite and sweet young man
Always helping everyone he meets along the way
Never thinking about himself
And yet he is only twelve years old.

Maggie, a young mathematician
Tries to fit in too well
Though she's a genius she'd rather pretend
To get some friends to accept her.

Last but not least, came Steven
The youngest of the group
He may be a baby
But he is quieter and calmer than the rest.

These are my neighbors
And odd and rambunctious bunch
So many in one house
And hardly stays quiet at all.

I live alone though never alone
Because I have this odd family
Constantly making my life slightly more entertaining
And constantly adding me to theirs.

Never has there been a moment
Where this family never rang my door bell
Begging me to come over
No matter what I had been doing.

Therefore, I am grateful I have them
Though they can be annoying at times
Because of this big family
I will always have one resting in my heart.


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