My Escape


United States
37° 14' 32.7156" N, 76° 39' 51.7428" W

Singing is my escape; my escape from life.
When I sing, I pretend I am on stage
with a spotlight on me.
I imagine being a role model for those who need one;
for the little kids who need someone to look up to, I will
be there for them and hopefully make a difference in their life.
I hope one day my dreams come true.
I hope one day I can convince the young children that dreams DO come true
and that life really is a beautiful thing.
Since I was little, I would sing nonstop.
When I was in school, I would either day dream about singing or I would quietly hum.
Right when I got home from school, I would lock myself in my room and sing.
I loved it; I felt like I was in another world. Singing still is and always will be a part of me.

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