My English Teacher Mrs. Anne

Mrs. Anne, thank you for being weird and wacky,

Teaching me that having fun at school is not tacky.

Without you the days of my senior year would be dull,

Even if your lectures occasionally exceed an earful.

You are one of my favorite teachers throughout the hall,

Because you understand my brain sometimes hits a wall.

Thank you for encouraging my somewhat decent writing,

And offering help and guidance in a way that is inviting.

I appreciate you from the very bottom of my fragile heart,

And I will miss you terribly when it is for college I depart.

Hopefully I can visit and observe you work your magic,

Because having a teacher unlike you will be very tragic.

Anyway, thank you for being not only a teacher but a friend,

You almost make me want to put my graduation on a suspend.

You are one of my favorite souls in Calhoun Academy history,

And your abundant greatness and kindness is somewhat a mystery.

So please don't forget me after I graduate in the upcoming spring,

Because it is from you that I have learned all the good things.

I'll miss you very dearly when I am enrolled in college next fall,

Because you made my high school experience an absolute ball.


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