My Dream, My Job

My dream... to work in an office. An office where everyone is dressed in suits, blazers, skirts, slacks, heels, and loafers. In which they all go to work in the business world. They attend meetings, consult customers, employees, and new potenial people to associate with the business. A dream to have an office in the Human Resources department, to be incharge of helping employees with whatever they may need. To help elect the perfect candidates, to help make someone else's day easier, to just be a part of something greater than an office, but a business. Human Resources is my ultimate dream job, just being able to anwser phones, and being able to say " Good Afternoon, Human Resources Department, how may I assist you". To be able to be an important part of the overall company, to be able to pursue my ultimate passion while being content that I am helping others at the exact same time. From basic office tasks, to filing and filling out important documents, to planning, all of this is my passion, my happiness, my future. My life in a few years is in Human Resources.


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