My Dream

Mon, 06/30/2014 - 02:33 -- Nita008


United States
40° 20' 10.6332" N, 74° 25' 58.746" W

A gentle, kind, smiling soul whos always there for me

A humle man with a plan who always pushes me

I havent seen him in a while i think he prays for me

And all the while though apart I see him in my dreams

He has a son a perfect dad no one can ask for more

The only man in my life that im grateful to God for

If he marries before I do understand one thing

My heart is married to this man even without a ring

He never spoke to me at all as if i were a child

And always answered the phone for me when it was his number i dialed

He never pushed me away when i became too close

And understood that a broken heart is what hurts girls the most

Til this day he wont say if he does or not

But Im not him I will say that  love him alot

A Kappa man imagine that how real can someone be?

A rich girls lover, a poor girls dream it sounds ok to me

Listen closely to what I say because he commits a crime

By being the most gorgeous creature that God has designed

If I cant be with this man then so let it be

But there wont be another man as great as him to me





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