My Doodle

Bright flourescents filling up the Friday night sky,

as the big red ball that was high has now left the sky

Sweat beads roll down down your face

There is a special feeling to this place

You filled the stands up with a crowd

You never were proud

Humble as a bee

And steady as a tree 

You were larger than life to everyone

Your story is a great one

Your voice hoarse and sweet

Being around you was always a treat 

A time that could never be beat

Now as we all move on with out lives

I don't know how anyone survives

You were everyones role model

You always would coddle

Your love for everyone was agape 

And you treated everyone in the same way

Always with compassion

That was your fashion

I miss the large red coaching shirts

I miss watching you at your works

You gave many pride

You gave many a pep to their stride

That town will never be the same

And it's all because of your name

We all wear it happily 

Because you never treated anyone crappily

We all cried the Nile

My tears made up at least a country mile

I thank God everyday

For blessing me this way

I miss your smile

It can make a heart run wild

Goofy and sweet 

You were hard for anyone to compete

Love is neverfailing

So I am going to stop my wailing

I remember you hugs 

How you used to bait my hook with bugs

I love you and I always will

You gave life a great thrill



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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