My Disease


I have a disease

It makes me ill

But I was born with it

It ain't rare

It's like the new plague

I was born with it


Nobody wants to be with me

Cuz they'll catch it too

They don't want it

It'll plague them

They don't want me

Oh, am I so lonely


It's transmitted

through blood

through saliva

through bodily fluids

i got it from somebody

but then I had it already

what about you?


People treat me different

so i hide it

I have this ugly secret

me, the ugly duckling

i don't have to share it

nor should i

i have my privacy just like

you and america

and everyone

why should i be any different

why should i have to share

don't ask don't tell is my motto

and don't you dare spill


it's ruined my life

and still it's my disease

there's support groups and all

I'm going there

i'm not coming back

i look in your faces of hatred

i spit in them and say

but i'm so lonely

i need a hug

if you give me one

you understand

and if you turn and walk away

you don't

but that just means

you're not aware

of how much this

can change you

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