My Different Autumn

Everything is you

I cant seem to fall out of your spell

I dont know how to get rid of your mystic potions you put inside of me


Like the warm feeling you gave me on those Autumn days

The skip you actioned to the beat of my heart

My hot and cold love you supplied that never ran low


You were my possesion and care

For those times I needed more than that

With you and your love I knew that was more than enough


Im freezing cold this Autumn

The coldest I ever been

I let the frosty air just pass me easily

I dont have anything to protect me


You did teach me one thing though

Something strong


I love myself more than ever


On those cold low nights

I wrap myself up with extra love and extra care

Just a pinch of joy too

Exactly like your love 

Which was everything you were consisted of


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