My Decision

My Decision


There is an opportunity on the table, but there is hesitation.

My first mind tells me to be cautious in this situation.

9 times out of 10, my first mind is usually right.

Waiting for the proper answer to come into sight.

The energy I feel around me is off, I can’t put a finger on it.

There is something I don’t know the pieces just don’t fit.

The truth will come to the light, hopefully sooner than later.

Everything will come together nothing will be scattered.

Only one way to finalize my decision moving forward.

Don’t just agree, stand up for myself, I’m no coward.

If it’s not right for me, then oh well, it’s just not right.

I have every right to make my own decision, no need to fight.

Whether my opinion is right or wrong to you, so what.

If you support it or don’t, it’s your choice, that’s what’s up.

I will be respected for having my own opinion and thoughts.

No use trying to convince me, my submission can’t be bought.

I move by the beat of my own song, what a sweet harmony.

My decisions are my own, it’s up to me and only me.

Lines have been clearly drawn; warning shots fired.

Boundaries set, standards upgraded, my mind is made up.

Here is my decision, it’s up to you to listen up.

I will have a number 14 Big Fish, no lettuce, add cheese.

I would like to have onion rings instead of fries please.

I’ll take a medium lemonade, oh you’re out, I’ll take a Sprite.

And please, please get my order right this time, all right.

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