My Dearest Nathan

I dropped you off at school just like any

other day.  I never thought you’d be taken

away.  Your smile still burns in my mind.

Nathan, you, must have been so scared that day.

Your mind must’ve been wondering, so dazed.

I wonder if you recognized the sound

of the gun?  Did you know it was your time?

Your death broke my heart, but I must be strong.

I still have your brother you know.

He needs his mother more than ever now.

The laughter with your brother fills the house.

For a single second I am content.

My dearest Nathan, I refuse to think

your death has no meaning.  I try to be

happy.  Will I spiral down to despair?

Is depression my fate, my only choice?

My little butterfly, I hope you’re fine.

Promise me you won’t forget your mother.

I loved you so.  My love grows stronger day

by day.  I just hope you love me so too.

One more empty day without you goes by.

Nathan, you are gone now, but forever

in my heart.  I feel your presence with me.

My dearest Nathan, I bid you farewell

because I will never tell you goodbye.

Do not ever forget mommy loves you. 


*Dylan, this is for you, and for every victim of Sandy Hook.  We will never forget. 


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