My Dearest K

My Dearest K,


I don’t think about you often

10 times, 7 since last I saw you

Key it in

Each time

Sitting myself down

Tiny laughter and crooked smiles

Fuzziness that never reaches

Deeply cliche blue eyes

Uniquely wandering

Spare a moment in a strange space

I’ll see you a few decisions from now

Another rare encounter

We’ll always pick up where we left off

Snapshots line our walls

A house that never really was built

Blueprints scrawled in the back of my mind

From the moment your fingers curled

Leaning on pianos and fluorescent gloom

I see in you: intrigue

Completely exposed mystery

What I see I’ll never get

Not the way you think I’d want

I miss your touch that I’ve never known

A kiss that I imagined 

Once upon a half-learned ballad

Then never allowed myself again

Perhaps someday I’ll know for sure

’Til then, my dear, my poet,

I’ll wonder if I’ll ever be your Annabel Lee.



Forever your friend,


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