My Dad and My Hero

I imagined a life before my own with you.

It was a sweet dream that felt like a glimpse of what was supposed to happen.

At that moment I realised what was taken from me and what would have happened.

But the moment I pictured never occured so I couldn't have experienced it first hand.

I went through my childhood wishing that what had happened to you wasn't apart of God's plan.

But sadly, it was.

You did'nt deserve this life.

You had a family, three children and a wonderful wife; but like the real world fairytales dont exsist and everythig isn't forever.

Some dreams flurish and grow while my dream for you crashed and failed.

Before you even had a chance to catch up your life heading south.

I am sorry for what happened even if it wasn't my fault. 

I wish that that epilepsy would go back into the place it crawled out of.

I never got to see how you were in the past.

I hear diffrent things about you each time.

Brianna, your father, a hero, a romantic, a lover, a hugger, a scholar, an athlete, the most compassionate person, the provider, the sweetheart,the amazing and the most to sacrifice. 

For you he gave it all up.

He's your protector he always did and always will.

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My family
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