My Curtain Made Out of Steel


My curtain made out of steel

Cold and strong, holding me back

On my side, it's only me and my insecurities

I must keep my true self to myself

Or else my society will judge me

Criticise me for not being perfect


I'm awkward

I'm not skinny

My skin isn't perfect

I don't party

I could go on but I'd rather not


Sometimes I think that my curtain is there to protect me

I just hide behind the steel curtain and play it safe

If they can't see the imperfections then I can't be criticized

However, the steel curtain is draining my true self


I can't show my true self

Well not to everyone

Just those who truly accept me


But then I think to myself

How will I know if my society will accept me?


Then I say to my self  "It's time to take down this steel curtain!"


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