My Colored Skin

From white to black and pink to blue,

my biracial skin makes me #flawless like you.

From birth to adulthood,

society has taught us nothing but where out differences stood,

and how to deterr eachother from being together and true.


#flawless is deeper than the money we have and the skin that we wear

#flawless is accepting that my skin is as true as yours and having nothing but love to share.

I have often heard that "through life comes experience",

but since when have the stories of black agains white become a couincidence. 

we need to stop with the blank and meaningless stare and being a movement that doesnt end in despair. 


We are who we make ourselves out to be 

and until we open our eyes to see

we will never be in fact #flawless 

yet we will continue to be #thoughtless and #heartless

just take the time to open your eyes and see what we could eventually as a society come to be


When we learn to walk in eachother shoes,

and no longer base our opinions on inaccurate  media news  

we can all  wake up #flawless

and walk down the street #flawless

making each and every person eventually become friends with different yet acceptable views. 


From birth women strive to be that perfect image like in cosmo

and boys have been determined hot to accept any type of homo.

What has this worl come to

where we aren't accepting of people who are just like me and you?

The world has become a place where you try to fit in and change yourself for others. 

Today we change the way you think when you wake up in the morning and step out of the covers. 


Together we choose how to live our lives and walk thoughout the world, 

and today I challenge you to become #flawless and confident in the skin that you wear. 



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