To My Characters

Sat, 09/28/2013 - 14:51 -- baltzc


I’m sorry
I apologize for all that I make you go through
The torture
The heartbreak
The madness, the sadness
I did it all for a cause
In hopes that your antics and misadventure would bring
something to other people’s lives
I hope that’s a cause you would want to live for
But I understand that not all of you lived
There’s a reason for that too
I’ve watched you suffer and grow
I’ve watched you as you faced every enemy and foe
And sometimes, it wasn’t fair
All that misery and hurt
So as I watched you cry, as I watched your friends and the people
around you die
I thought
“I don’t want to leave them here alone.”
“They don’t deserve that.”
I didn’t kill you
I helped you off, to someplace beautiful and soft
Where there wouldn’t be any more death, or war, or hate
I hoped you’d find some comfort there
So remember, next time you’re lying defeated on the floor
Remember, the author loves you forevermore.
And she is so
so so



The characters in my novels are part of my soul. Killing one off is like killing a family member. They stay in my head and my heart forever.


totally amazing! props to you, for putting into words the apology to every character that I, at least, have felt. 

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