My Challenge


A person faces a challenge everyday

some are small and fade away

Mine was much larger and came at the end of May

I was a young girl in the just 8th grade


My father sat me down and told me the news

I had less than one month until I would lose

My friend, my daddy, my hero, my schmooze


The night before he left he showed me the moon

He said, “Although I leave soon

just remember one thing,

every time I look at this moon

I will be thinking of you”


Those were the words I needed to hear

because losing this man was my greatest fear


He was shipped over seas to fight a war

a war on terrorism and more


He fought 430 days and fought 430 nights

he fought for America he fought for our rights


When he was gone not a day went by

that I shed a tear or even cried


I had this strength not only through faith and prayer

But I had this strength by looking up in the air


Every night I would look to the moon

I would whisper to my dad, “I'm thinking of you.”


I was able to conquer this challenge day by day

I was able to face my fear in just the 8th grade


I thank the Lord for giving me this challenge back in may,

Although it was hard it made me the woman I am today



This is such a beautiful poem! It was very inspiring!



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