My Chain Reaction: In Honor of Rachel Joy Scott

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 12:27 -- srb99

I may not be the fastest runner
Or by any means a ball player,
But I have the strength to win.
I may not be the "straight A" student
Many a paper have only been for a trash bin,
But, I have intelligence that's prudent.
I may not have straight teeth
Or muscles protruding like beef,
But I have a beauty within
That brightens a room when dim.
I have compassion towards all
Even when some refuse to call.
I have the power to make a difference.
This is my preference,
I want others to know they're beautiful
Even when they fall.
I don't want anyone left out
So there's no need to pout.
I want my beauty out and in
To lift up the hearts and minds of men.


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