My Brown Skin

My brown skin

I wear it with shame,

Teased and taunted everyday.

Is my brown skin not worty of love?

Is this brown skin a curse, because sometimes it sure as hell feels like it?

Why should this be a trait that is frowned upon?

Always being looked at as if I'm dumb and illiterate

Always being seen as "ghetto" when I am far from that

Because of my brown skin I have been called things such as dirty and ghetto

But it is only the amout of melanin I have that determines my skin color.

There is so much pent up self hatred because I will never be as pretty as the white girl sitting across from me.

Her skin is pale and pure, while mine is dirty and wretched

Or so they say

Why is my skin not seen as equivilent to hers?

We have fought so long for equality and to get rid of discriminaton, yet discrimination and inequality still remain.

My brown skin is not something to be frowned upon

My brown skin is something that is beautiful, worthy and deserving

My brown skin is just as good as any other person's skin

I will not let your comments and judgment define me and my brown skin

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