My Brother, the Teen


Suddenly, his shoulders got a lot wider,

the way they did when he was little

and thought he was big.

His half smile remains, though the 

innocence has been shooed away from it

And his arms can fit all the way around me.


He's lanky now,

And I miss how chubby he was.

He's sure now,

And I miss how clumsy he was.

He's handsome now,

And I miss hoe cute he was, that sparkle in his eye


He wouldn't  be caught dead out of style and has

found a shortcut around the ladies.

Surely, my brother

the teenager was grown up enough. 

And strange tears well as I think of us when we were small

The two musketeers

The two amigos

The two ducklings

I am not his mother

I cannot let him go

And I don't look forward to my brother, 

the man.




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