My Black Pen

Another line written

another test taken

no one could see what i think

until I found your black ink


When I was young I used pen

because I thought my work was perfection

Now i write in pen like its an obsession

Because I want the world to see my imperections


My pen is black, bold, and resilient

The darker the ink

The deeper the thought

That's what you taught


You leave your mark 

On anyone who comes in contact with you

You're always in a good mood

That's why my pens are never blue


Pens always scared me as a kid

Because you couldn't erase them

But now that's forunate

Because now the best things in life are permanent 


My name was first written in black 

I don't paint in black

Or wear it much

According to my friends,

I don't talk black either

But it won't get under my skin

As long as I have my black pen.

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