My Biggest Regret


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My biggest regret are those days that we spent
Washed up on the sand
My mind goes back to yesterday’s
Well spent with you
Different places
Different times
Two clasped hands visually together
Yet soulfully apart
Distance only felt by the heart
You see, you say its not me
And I say its not you
Both just beings
That wished you plus me equaled two
But anyway back to what matters the most
The regrets that choke me into staying these words
Are the host of the party that I didn’t plan
Didn’t want to attend without you in my hand
Like we used to
So I roll with the waves
And sit on the shore
Thinking of all we had before
How days turned to weeks
A month a year
Before I saw you
Standing here by my side
The choices I made are what drive me insane
And when the silence is the only one calling my name
I remember
Why I said goodbye in December
Yet here it is a week before what could have been
365 days of time spent together
But it wasn’t was it
365 days
Every hour on the hour
Spent parting ways
Digital madness is all that we were
And the handful of times that our hands intertwined were a blur
Of time
Always running on the sand
Never knowing where we’re going
Just hoping
That it was enough to keep
Holding on to something
That we thought was there
That really wasn’t
Because time doesn’t stop
My regret isn’t something that is truly defined
Because those moments that our hands intertwined
I cherish more than you’ll even know
I miss this
And so I keep telling myself that its not forever
That maybe one day
The depart will be over
And time wont matter
So did I make the right choice
I don’t really know
But my biggest regret
Is that I cant let you go


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