For my big brother

Big brother ever sent i met you i could tell something was good and you were hurt i'm so glad to be here for you to cheer you up and be the best sister i can be for you are important to me and i will do whatever i can to make you happy your important to me and i hope i can find the right word's to cheer you up and make you the happiest person your a legend a hero a innocent a good person a idol a person that cheer's everyone up yet they try to do the same for you teach everyone right from wrong and i hope i can make you proud i look up to you a lot. And make you see you do a lot of good more then anyone and any person can do i hope i can do the same and be there for you no matter what i will do the best i can even if it mean's that my life is on the line i don't want to do or die thinking about regrets cause the only one i really regret is not meeting you sooner big brother. Your perfect the way you are and truly good don't let anyone make you think other wise and don't let them put you down sticks and stones and words do hurt but sometime's focusing on them to much hurt's more let's make the world a better place and show everyone you can be happy if you think the right thought's not the wrong i know there is good in everyone and you and even if i am naive or less now i know who to trust and who to look up to which is you big brother!

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My family


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