To My Best Friend Forever

To my Ry,


When i'm asked about my best friend

I think of you in a heartbeat

So caring and so helpful

A bond nobody could repeat



My person since preschool

Our friendship never lacking

Fourteen years and counting

The memories were just stacking



The countless memories we have

Laughing at them whenever

Our entire lifes together

I thought I would have you forever



November 28, 2017

I will never forget the call

The hurt the pain the confusion

All I could do is bawl



I was away at school

Three hours away

All I wanted to do was be there

Where my dead best friend lay



I just don't understand

Why did you leave me?

All of the things we planned together

Who will my maid of honor be?



I know that you were hurting

I had been there for it all

But I need you here with me

Or even your random phone call



When I last came home

Your beautiful face lit by the ember

Laughing at all our memories

Something I'll always remember



I hope you can see me

I constantly ask for a sign

To show me that you're safe and happy

To mend this broken heart of mine



I will never forget my best friend

Everything I do will be for you

I hope to make you proud

Until my life is through



I cannot wait to see you again

After my life has concluded

To know you have been waiting for me

One day I will feel less secluded


I will always love you.


-your forever friend


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