My Best Friend

Dear pain,

My greatest enemy yet my closest friend

You showed me the sorrows of the world,

And you revealed the truth through the dead

“It hurts to see someone go” I would say

And your response was, “We need not pray”

For the truth is all life eventually becomes prey

We all fall victim to you

“Deny it all you want, there is no escaping”

The pain that fills my chest leaves my mouth gaping,

But, I’ll face it

We all learn from you

Even while in school I feel you

Creeping into my classroom

“This must be a seat for two”

I say that because I see you

I see you in my quizzes and in my tests

At home on my phone and in my texts

It hurts when you’re with me

And I know you’re still listening

Stop trying to shut me down!

My father always told me to “Fight through the pain”

But those were some different days

I can’t fight you anymore

It’s as if you’ve become a chore

After I clean my room and wash my dishes,

I have to find a way to take you off my checklist

The only time you rest is when I do

But all this is not to say I’m ungrateful

I’m glad you’re here

But I’m grown now

I won’t shed a tear

You’re here on my terms and my terms only

Show me the way to success

And I might let own me

(LIke you already don’t own me)



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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