My Badass Wonder Woman

She was beautiful like Zoe Saldana

Pretty face, healthy body and Latina

But she also shamelessly swore like a sailor

With that I knew I was going to like her.

She didn’t hide from us, she was herself


Every class was like a firecracker

Blowing up and sparkling with fieriness.

That was just my teacher Teri Dimas.

Damn, what a way to start our mornings,

Well at least my class won’t be boring.


She woke us up and put us into action,

Kinesiology and health are her passion.

She wanted us to learn our lessons

To stand up and get up off our asses.

She’s the only one who got me off my ass

And surprisingly this became my favorite class.


I hated to exercise, but that’s no surprise

Yet, Mrs. Dimas always treated me nice.

At first, I felt intimidated by her presence

Until she showed just how affectionate

And caring a woman she really was.

She encouraged me to run the whole eleven laps

Even when I was ready to freaking collapse.

She believed in me, she knew I could finish,

‘I can finish this, dammit I can finish this!’

YES! I made it, but God I can’t breathe

Pant, Pant, I need water, I need, I need

Oxygen, air and a cold towel, I’m dying

Through my exhaustion I see someone smiling.

It’s Mrs. Dimas, she looked so proud of me,

And for a moment there, I was also proud of me.


It was fun, and I actually had to run.

I dislike running or any kind of moving,

But Mrs. Dimas made me feel like I was in a movie.

I was animated, talking and being my own character.

She wasn’t like any other teacher, she cared.

She cared about what I had to say

And that always made my day.


Another exercise, testing my balance.

Yay, I get to at least tone my flabby legs.

Dammit, I really hate doing the lunge.

I forced my legs to hold my body up,

And Mrs. Dimas said ‘You’ve got it, love’,

Even as my body shook with my weight.

I held myself and like that I stayed.

I lunged until I reached thirty

And I felt sore, tired and dirty.

Clap, clap, clap. Mrs. Dimas praised my performance

Because of her, I didn’t feel as weak or pathetic.

In fact, I actually felt more energetic.


She is a woman, a kind, badass independent woman,

She was my wonder woman before Gal Gadot,

Mrs. Dimas is the one who gave me hope.

Mrs. Dimas is my inspiration.

She made me want to be that kind of woman.


I know I sound like a feminist,

But the truth is I’m totally a feminist.

Even though she knows I’m more creative

Rather than athletic,

She encourages my dreams, and as my thanks to her

I created an original character after her,

And I wrote this poem for her

She is original, she is unique, she is my mentor.


Man, four years has gone by so freaking fast,

How I miss her invigorating class.

Still my character reminds me of her,

Of my favorite, beloved mentor.

Even today, she wrote me a letter

A letter of recommendation, just for me.

She answered my call, and she helped me.

The letter is for me to get into graduate school,

Even after so long, Mrs. Dimas is still so cool.

She has not changed, she’s just how I remember,

My favorite badass mentor.

I still want to be just like her,

Because Mrs. Dimas inspired me

To encourage girls like me.


I miss you professor,

That’s my confession.

She is my mentor,

The woman I look up to.

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