To My Appetite


To My Appetite


Trap me.

Entrap me within your walls so that I may never be released.

Hold me in your grasp so that this moment may never cease

And let me be the whore that can never be deceased.

Should I forever be condemned,

let my lascivious roots bear the fruit of my desire. 

Apprehend my sin that comes from within.

Crucify my soul through the palms of my destruction

Because I will forever obstruct my vision

from seeing anything but my lustfulness.

I abhor me In this state of no control

Dishonor what is sacred and expose the wholeness of my soul.

Soil my holiness and drown me in my thoughts.

I will forever be a whore because I can't be what I'm not.

And I don't deserve to love and be loved because I'd rather be a slut.

I am trapped

By my body because my heart feels no trust.


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