My Appearance

I may appear unbroken and strong...

I may appear with power and faith.

I may show my love within a song.

But my appearance is only a phase.


I cry and I weep like humans will do...

I whisper when it is time for me to yell.

I can be brave but only when its due.

I wish for love, I fill the well.


My love is of gold, but it can erode,

I am a victim of killer hearts.

But I won't be sold, I can be bold.

I will never be torn apart.


What I am inside is filled with pride

And I will always remain

A light of peace, a heavenly sign.

And then I will achieve a change.


And there are some things about me that is so very true.

Like how I was born to fight and never to loose.

Like how I know my rights and how I know how to choose.

I know when to speak and I know how to too.


I am who I am,

I am what I do.


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