my angel

in 1995 an angel came in the world

as a baby girl born precious than gold

we all acknowlegde this gift from heaven

by celebrating her birth every August ten


my angel is pretty and talented

her smile leaves men exhausted

she likes helping and giving people hope

with her around all of our problems stop


i met the angel when i was young

felt good that i can't tell with my tongue

it was at Rutaba where we met

best moment of my life i can never forget


now angel lives in my heart and brain

if i were a plant she would be the rain

i love her in my day life and my dreams

just like how kids love the ice creams


if falling in love with an angel is a sin

then i will accept farao as my twin

i will love her even when she gets old

i will love her till i return to the lord


its only angel i can take to my mother

so she blesses us and live together

she's my angel the woman of my life

i dream  to make her my beloved wife





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