My Air Balloon

Mon, 11/19/2012 - 01:57 -- angwinn


United States
37° 21' 35.3808" N, 121° 58' 53.166" W

One day, one day I shall make an air balloon.
And in that air balloon I will fly away.
Away from the ground where there is only hurt
up into the air, just going around
And in my air balloon
which will be decorated with much flair,
I will fly away to examine the stars.

When I reach them, there will be no hurt,
no pain, no war
because it will be just me and my air balloon.

From up in the sky,
I know I will sigh,
wishing you were with me
away from the ground where there is only hurt.
Up with me and my air balloon
and the stars that twinkle so bright
and the cold round moon
where it is never night
With me, and my air balloon.


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