Land of golden sunsets and verdant plains,
Where the lion roars and the elephant reigns,
My African continent, vast and wide,
With beauty that fills my heart with pride.

From the Sahara's sands to the Congo's rain,
From the Serengeti's savannas to the Zambezi's plain,
Each landscape a painting, each scene a story,
Of a land of strength, courage, and glory.

With rich cultures and traditions that span the ages,
And a resilience that has survived through all stages,
My African continent, a beacon of hope,
A land of promise, a land to help us cope.

With its vibrant music and its vibrant people,
Its history a tapestry of struggle and upheaval,
My African continent, my source of inspiration,
A place of endless possibility and innovation.

So let us celebrate this land of wonder,
And honor those who have come before and under,
For it is in our African continent we find,
The strength and beauty of the human mind.

©® Brown Sketchys 🖊️

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