My 1st Love (Revised


I’d been that way for far too long

Never thought it would come back so strong

OR that you would have brought it on

A feeling I never wanted to return

To feel it’s unforgiving burn


Promised happiness

In all that you would do

You promised forever and evers

To hurt me you claimed you would never

You promised to the moon and backs

Why did I not pay attention to the facts

You promised to infinity and beyonds

It was like my fairy godmother had finally waved her magic wand

But then what happened?


It Ended

A hault

And with you fell all the fault

But Your innocence I still sought

And even though I was the cause

It came to an inevitable pause

I was in denial of the fact

That in so much You had really lacked

That you had stop really loving me a while ago

And if you really did

Piss poor was sometimes the way you would show


And here I am like a fool trying to keep us together

Thinking this was just a relationship’s stormy weather

And for what?

When I was fighting alone

Because apart we had truly grown

When the dice were loaded

Because your love for me had corroded

When the game was rigged

Because our love’s grave you helped dig

When the odds were never in my favor

But to our love I could not give waiver


And you let me…

Because you wanted your cake and to eat it too

And you knew whatever For you I would Do

because you felt like i was here and you were there

And Yet even in that I tried to be fair

Let me ask you a question

What is Love?

If not forever

If not surviving the stormy weather

IF not worth fighting for

With all the battle scars I Bore

If not worth time

Even though now it seems never really worth mine

If not worth trying

When it was really time I was buying

For Us

If not faithful

Now all my efforts seem wasteful

If not worth the nights of my aching heart, tear stained cheeks, and many mini heart breaks

Because through it you jammed stakes

Not Love at all I guess…

No I am sure

It was love for me…



Because I was ready to fight for it

But for battle My Dear you were unfit

gladly for you I served the time

when You were the one who did the crime

I strived to be faithful

But you were ungrateful

I put forth an Effort

But infidelity was your resort

I believed those tears, that heart aching and breaking

Was worth the pain taking  

in the end

But your young simple mind will never comprehend

I Loved You with my ALL

You were my world


My Sun

The Center of my Universe!

My 1st


I did good job

Even though

My kindness and affection you did rob

But I do deserve my applause

Because I saw your flaws

And I loved you

I saw that you were not worthy

And I Loved You

You were obviously too immature for me

I looked past it

and I Love You

I saw that there was potential to find better  For Me

I stayed


You hurt me

And I Loved You

You Hurt Me

And I Loved You



Again, Again, and Again


Even when “they” family, friends, teachers, even strangers

They tried to tell me that you were not worthy

Not worth the time

To drop you like the dime

You ended up being

Selfless Me

And Yet, I still, Loved you

And still I do

Despite of what “they” say

I can Still muster up Love for You


You-You hurt me, I saw your colors true

And I still wanted to paint a happy ending

A Sky blue

Now You Leave me,

With those Beautiful, romantically, cruel memories

Cruel because How Can I indulge in them knowing what I know?

Knowing that when I was trying to be true

You were only looking out for you

Knowing that we ended on a bad note

Knowing that even when you were in the wrong

in the right I wrote

I still made you out to be the victim

If only I had used a little bit more wisdom

Knowing I can never  make anything of those memories again

Like a ugly fraternity brand

Knowing when All I thought was real

You ended up being my Achilles heel

But real it was not

So they are just idle memories

left to rot

In my head

When All I thought was Real is as Good as Dead

My 1st Love

And I wish was the Last You could get from me?

My 1st Love

And You proved everything I never thought wrong of you to be

My 1st Love

And Now I wonder what was the point?

My 1st Love

And all you did was Disappoint

My 1st Love

And I can’t even say you will always be my Boo

My 1st Love

And I can’t look back on this as a reluctant but happy ending come true

My 1st Love

But Now I am only another EX-girlfriend to you....


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