My 19th Year


January 30th, 2016

I officially start my 19th year.

I am strong and I am proud.



March 2016

I begin my journey into sisterhood.

It will take my strength and determination to complete my journey.

I am not scared.

I am strong and I am proud.

April 2016

I debut as an official sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority.

I have come out of my journey an even stronger woman than I was before.

I joined an organization that will connect me to other independent and hardworking women such as myself.

I am strong and I am proud.



May 2016

My freshmen year of college has commenced almost as quickly as it started.

I’ve met new people and learned new things about not only myself, but the world around me.

I am strong and I am proud.

June 2016

The bright summer sun kisses my skin as it welcomes me into the highly anticipated summer ’16.

New job and a hopeful attitude I splash into the pool.

I am strong and I am proud.

July 2016

I am notified by my banks that my finances have been obliterated.

Negative balances.



I am being held accountable.

I feel weaker, I feel defeated.


How will I pay for my supplies for college?

How will I pay off my debt?

I feel weaker, I feel defeated.



August 2016

2 weeks until sophomore year of college.

I work hard at work, I pick up shifts, and I earn enough money to pay for supplies for college.

I feel less weak; I feel less defeated.

September 2016

My finances are no better but with the lack of finances my eyes were open to how rich I was.

Rich with parents who always support and love me.

Rich with friends who always believe in me, even when I don’t.

I am stronger.



November 2016

I go to my first cheer competition with a team that helped me remember what it feels like to work as a team to accomplish a goal.

I sprain my thumb, but we win the gold.

December 2016

Fall semester is over.

2 science courses with labs and two liberal arts classes.

I end it with a 2.9 GPA.

I am strong and I am proud.

I go back home, surrounded by my family, those who loved me and served as my rock through my 19th year.

I am strong and I am proud.


January 1st, 2017

The ball has dropped.

2016 has ended,

I have made it,

Stronger and wiser against all odds.

I am ready for 2017.

I am strong and I am proud.

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