The Music She Makes


United States
30° 43' 8.1552" N, 87° 57' 11.106" W

As she sits at her piano made of dark rosewood
with her fingers lying gracefully on the ivory keys,
she focuses intently on the sheet music before her.
The cream colored walls add a sense of peace to the room,
and she feels that nothing matters,
except for the music she makes.

The music speaks to her in a way that no one else understands,
and grasps her soul tightly.
She doesn’t feel lonely or abandoned,
she feels no pain.
She forgets her troubles and her worries and focuses solely
on the music she makes.

The sounds fill the room around her,
giving her much needed rest.
She knows that as soon as the music stops,
reality will set back in.
So she plays on wishing everyday were as beautiful
as the music she makes.



Music is a healing power. I believe that it can change people for the better and relieve deep pain that a person feels and has built up over time. Without music, life would not be the same.

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