Human. Raw. Awesome.

Slowly trudging through the ages.

From hairy bipedal animals to hairless, poreless creatures

Seen with faraway gazes on billboards. Not just there.

Two sets of eyes lock for an instant, and the mind zooms at lightspeed.

Eyes like Archimedes spheres, minds guessing their mechanisms.

Cheesy? Yes, but a statement nonetheless.

We see those eyes as if for the first time. Raw.


Look deeper; what secrets do they hold?

As beholders we fish out what we want to see.

He stares longingly into her soft green eyes;

Or does he see her life story?

Sacrifice. Honor. Determination.

Locked away behind iris prisons, flashes of vulnerability

But only for a second.

Cheesy? Yes, but a judgment nonetheless.

We see ourselves and project our beliefs. Human.


Green eyes regard him coolly. Interested, calculating.

Inspired by the symmetry of his face, she draws.

Commits his smile to memory, what is this feeling?

It’s raw. It’s human. But how?

Too cheesy to be real, not logical. Not even close.

But awesome nonetheless.


Fleeting and intangible; just a dreamy look to inspire.

Moving mountains, pouring out ideas

As if they sprang from the heads of deities.

She scribbles, colors, creates a new world. Just for two.

Just enough space to encompass something raw and human and real.


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