Lets write poetry
Allow my words to penetrate your lines
Softly whisper the scratches of pen on paper
until I have fully covered you in ink

Allow me to be your guide
To open up your eyes of the scenery
Vividly I paint you a picture of sunset and sunrise
Oh?... I'll wait til those tears finish falling

Listen to my breathing
The constant inhales and exhales contributes dearly
Deeply I ponder on my next line
Contemplating the importance of you

You are my muse
a living breathing inspiration
Gifted to those lucky to be born gifted
Yet unfortunate enough to be temporary

So lets write poetry
Because I don't know how long you'll last
Soon your features will become blurred
Ceasing to exist but adamantly coexisting

Lets take a trip to the moon
Floating in the zero gravity
while I continue to describe you
You who are my reasons to breath deeply

The deep creases of your faded smile
Will haunt this page forever
Yet your gaze will continue to send its approval
I'll soon forget the indent you had upon these hands of mine

You'll be a memory
A face without a name
No longer to inspire the tapestries I call my gift
So til then, Lets write Poetry...


Royal Blood

beautiful flow :)


I love the imagery

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