Mundane Partitions

I’m sitting here

In a fairly comfortable leather-coated office chair

Surrounded by grey walls

Grey walls that neither excite nor inspire

Grey walls that match the color of brain matter

Brain matter that feels stagnant when it should be fluid

I’m sitting here

Sipping on my second cup of coffee

Out of a second-hand store mug

My legs are hastily bouncing up and down

But my feet are firmly planted on the floor

I’m trying to run

To exert some sort of productivity

But it’s as if I’m a child

Who wants to be tall

Who wants to reach for the things that are just out of reach

And then a grandparent puts a book on their head to keep them small

And my fingers are typing

Typing and clicking meticulously

Yet they long to be touching the hands of others

To meet people who can make a difference

In this world

In my world


Another sip of crappy, generic coffee..

In college I crafted a dream

Fashioned a path for my life

I never thought I’d still be daydreaming

As my heart pounds faster from the excessive caffeine intake

I can’t help but think

Think about the future

Think about how far I could run

How I’m so capable of running a marathon

In another place

A place with color

But I’m stuck

With my feet firmly planted under my desk

Surrounded by grey walls

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