The Muhajbah (The woman who wears Hijab)


United States
34° 6' 37.2276" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

Don't hate on me, cuz I'm muslim to the eye that sees.

Don't hate on me, cuz modesty covers me.

You look at me & you think I'm oppressed..


What you don't know is this is the way I choose to dress.

I won't advertise myself like you make your woman do.


Cover myself from the critical eyes of you.

Don't define me by the hijab I wear, Go on living that life you dare.


My words hold more weight that your women's actions do.

I am the muslimah, proud of my ummah, though my modesty is overlooken

Got a better hold  on life than could any Kafir male or female.

You talk about me BUT...

Want this? Can't touch this! Try ya best.


Don't hate on me.

Cuz no matter how much you undermind  & call it a crime.

I wear my  veil without a frown on this face of mines.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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