Much bigger than I thought

Sun, 01/08/2017 - 19:21 -- adelemy

Before, I thought I knew it all,

but over this year,

I saw my old vision fall.

I traveled to the places

I thought I knew,

and during that time,

my world vision grew.

Poverty became real.

Its people became my friends.

I had known they were there,

but I did not comprehend

that their lives were so much different,

and their dreams had an end

because only half went to school,

and to me that made no sense.

Before, I knew

only what I learned.

My teachers- they taught me

to show concern

but none of it was real.

It was all a show.

I pretended I cared,

but I didn't really know

that the rest of the world

is not what it seems.

It's easy to forget

when you're living the American Dream.

But those people, they're real.

they live

their lives.

They are much more than a lesson

in a textbook can describe.

I live a busy life.

It's easy to forget.

but these places are real,

and it was time to change my mindset.

I'm going to college next year

I have aspirations and opportunities.

I can't forget the less fortunate

even when they're not on my TV screen.

Before, I truly thought

I knew the world.

I lived in it, after all.

What else could be unfurled?

But, on those trips,

I gained much more than what I sought.

because I found out

that the world

is much bigger than I thought.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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