Moving On

I look up in the sky

And I wonder why?

Why is it blue,

When blue means, boo-hoo

Why is all this happening to me?

Why won’t someone help me?

What else is there to live for?

Everyone else thinks I am a whore

But imma let it go

And move on with the show


But you can’t you’re trapped

It's like God just drew your name out of a hat


He put you on the spot

And your heart just dropped


You’re out of patience

But the clock is waiting


“You’re only job,” he said “ is to get me money”

But all he is is a phony


And I thought it was a joke, funny

But it wasn't, why won't you let me win honey?


I hate him, he controls me

And everyone ignores my plea


I was alone

And no one would pick up the phone

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Our world
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